Charity Tutus

Charlies tutu

Price: £ 15.00

This beautifully hand made short white tutu has little blue angel wings hand sewn on and it was originally made for a charity auction for The Charlie Jones Foundation, it became so popular that I kept it going and £5.00 still goes to the charity, here is the story behind the charity.

"The Charlie Jones Foundation was founded in November 2009 after the sudden death of Charlie Jones, aged 4 1/2 months.

Charlie was born with a rare and complex congential heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He overcame 2 open heart surgeries and 7 weeks in hospital to suddenly and uexpectedly die on 1st October 2009.

Everyone was touched by Charlie's fight and wanted to give something back.Unfortunately, there is no known reason or cause for Hypoplastic Left Heart Sydrome but it is hopefully that by raising awareness into the existance of the condition then we might be able to get more fundig into research. However, the PICU at Southampto General Hospital saved Charlie's life after he was born and also tried to resusictate him when he collapsed on 1st October 2009. His parents felt it was only fitting to give back to the unit where they spent so much time there that it became home and the staff became family.

There are five trustees belonging to the foudation. They are Donna and Dean Jones, Charlie's Parents; Kaye and Darryl Owenn and Chris Matthews."

Registered charity number 1116880

Always supervise babies and small children while wearing, playing or using any of our products, some of our products contain small parts and could pose a chocking hazard if they come apart. Ribbon, elastic and netting can be a strangulation hazard if misused keep all tutu away from fires